Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. Competition Validity
    1. Validity Period – The Competition is valid for the duration as set out in the Competition Rules.
    2. Competition Rules – The Competition Rules outlines the rules that are applicable to a specific Competition based on duration of the Competition and other qualifying criteria.
  2. Terms & Conditions
    1. Malas will from time to time offer competitions (herein referred to as “Competition/s”) to Customers.
    2. The Competition is managed entirely and exclusively by Malas
    3. Customers are only eligible for entry and participation in the Competition upon satisfying the minimum criteria as stipulated in the Competition Rules and within the validity Period of the Competition
    4. The sales invoice number will serve as the Entry Ticket.
    5. Where a credit note is raised against the sales invoice, the Entry Ticket will automatically be voided.
    6. The Customer agrees to automatic participation in the Competition and is entitled to withdrew from the Competition at any stage by providing written notice to Malas.
    7. The maximum number of Entry Tickets per purchase is specified in the Competition Rules.
    8. The start and end times (referred to as the “Validity Period”) will always be specified in the Competition Rules. Upon expiry of a Competition, Entry Tickets and participation will automatically expire, and are neither carried forward nor transferable to any other successive Competitions. Accordingly, the Customer agrees that participation applies to a specific Competition.
    9. Prizes cannot be substituted or exchanged, is not transferable nor is it redeemable in any form other than as stipulated in the Competition Rules
    10. Draw dates will be determined by Malas and are subject to change without notice.
    11. Winners will be announced on the Malas website in the Competitions section.
    12. Customers may view Competition results on the Malas website.
    13. The Customer consents to receiving communications relating to the Competition and Winner information.
    14. Payment default and/or account irregularities will result in automatic disqualification from the Competition immaterial of the circumstances.
    15. Misrepresentation of any sort will result in automatic disqualification from the Competition, immaterial of the circumstances.
    16. The Customer’s participation in the Competition is at all times with the permission of Malas, and Malas reserves all rights to suspend, cancel or withdraw the Customer’s participation for whatever reason.
    17. Malas in its sole discretion reserves all rights to modify, amend, limit or cancel any or all Competitions and/or any aspect of Competitions in whole or in part, at any time, and in any manner, without providing any notice or reason to the Customer.
    18. Malas reserves the right to amend the Competition Terms & Conditions, or Competition Rules at any time during the Competition, which amendments will be communicated in writing.
    19. In terms of the provisions herein, Malas may in its discretion impose changes to the Competition prizes, rewards, conditions of participation, rules for qualifying, or the rules governing the Competition, even if such changes may alter the value or ability to obtain the prizes or rewards.
    20. Malas may amongst other things;
      1. increase or decrease the criteria to qualify for participation;
      2. withdraw, limit, modify or cancel the prize or any reward;
      3. restrict the redemption or continued availability of any prize or reward;
    21. Should Malas for any reason apply the provisions contained herein, participation will be subject to the changes of the Competition, immaterial of the extent of the Competition or whether the Competition has expired or not.
    22. Malas disclaims any responsibility and will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, and the Customer hereby indemnifies Malas, its directors, servants, employees, sub-distributors, agents and representatives, (collectively “the indemnified parties”) against all and any loss, liability, damage, injury, cost, expense, claim, fine, penalty or interest of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising and that may be incurred or sustained by or imposed on any of the indemnified parties by any reason that may result, directly or indirectly, from participation in the Competition and/or utilisation of the prize.
    23. The directors, servants, employees, sub-distributors, agents and representatives or Business Partners of Malas and any family members of the aforementioned are not eligible to participate in any of the Competitions.
    24. The Customer’s participation in the Competition is strictly subject to Malas Trading Terms & Conditions, Competition Terms & Conditions, Competition Rules, and any other policies and procedures that Malas may in its sole discretion adopt.
    25. The Customer agrees that the Customer has read, understood and accepted the Competition Terms & Conditions and Competition Rules.
    26. By participating in the Competition, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions and Competition Rules and agrees to be bound to them.
    27. Should the Customer breach any of the Terms and Conditions, the Competition Rules, or where Malas establishes risks of any nature that may be adverse to Malas, Malas reserves the right to terminate the Customer’s participation in any and all Competitions, and the Customer agrees that any prizes won would be forfeited.
    28. Customers that win Prizes may be subject to tax liability or official disclosure. Any tax liability or disclosure, connected with the receipt or use of the prizes emanating from the Competition, is the sole responsibility of the Customer and for the risk of the Customer to fulfil such obligations. Malas bears no responsibility in this regard whatsoever.
    29. Malas retains the sole discretion to interpret and apply the rules, and Malas’s decision regarding the Competition, the prizes or any aspect thereof is final in every instance.
    30. Malas decision is final in every situation, including any not covered herein, and no correspondence will be entered into.
    31. Malas reserves all its rights in all instances.

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